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You have about 5-10 seconds to capture the attention of the viewer on your website and in your case, you want your site to represent what you're capable of, and getting people to say "yes, I need your service." And of course, you want to guide them to contact you ultimately :)  

A brand isn't just a logo and website.

When I work with you on your new brand or a overhaul, I do extensive market research to find a way to differentiate yourself from your top competitors. Your brand strategy will be looking to attract your favourite clients (because we all know there are terrible clients we'd be better off without haha). 

I not only design your website but, will create all your design elements to match (business cards, email signature, social media stuff, blog set-up, etc.) see what's included here. And of course, I help you strategize how to package your most lucrative and favourite services to sell! Otherwise, I wouldn't be doing you any justice.

I have been creating promo videos and materials since 2008, and realized everyone wants to copy each other - but you just are not memorable when you do that! I would love to help you discover where the unused piece of magic lies in your industry, that others are overlooking. 

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