5 Things Brands Should Avoid Doing

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5 Things Brands Should Avoid Doing

Every new brand will attempt to test the waters with various digital marketing methods to see what works best for them. Sadly, not all will be of much use and some may even be detrimental to your brand.

Which is why it is crucial that you do your research before you begin anything. Below I have outlined five common mistakes that brands make with digital marketing and how to avoid them!

1. Failing to PLAN.

In terms of digital marketing campaigns, planning is absolutely crucial. What are you trying to achieve with your campaign? How will you do this? When will you start? How long will it take? Why are you doing it? What effect or cause are you trying to encourage? How will this affect your target audience? What message are you sending out? If you cannot answer these questions with ease then perhaps you should go back to the drawing board!

Setting target goals for your campaign will allow you to reflect on the results in detail. It will depict a clearer image of what may need more technical support and where you are doing too much for too little an outcome. You will very quickly come to realize that you might have to change strategy and it might be the smallest of these details that work wonders for your campaign. This was very much the case for Pepsi’ Kendall Jenner ad earlier this year which was pulled instantly when there were complaints that it trivialized the U.S. street protests. Perhaps that was not their intention but come on, could they not have created something a little… less offensive?

So, plan ahead - plan for everything - and when things don’t go according to plan you will at the very least know what the cause was and how you can go about fixing it. This way, when it comes to coordinating your next campaign, you’ll know twice as much as you did last time and hopefully get twice the results! As for Pepsi however... I was always a Coca-Cola fan anyway.

2. Failing to TEST.

For campaigns to succeed there will be a loooot of testing to get through. This is purely to ensure that the strategies that you have planned are going to work. It is all too easy to come to disheartening conclusions after a strategy does not deliver the results you were hoping for and half of that is because you may not have done the necessary research for your market, or that the market has drastically changed!  

Start off small and easy with your first test campaign, don’t spend all your coins at once! The test will provide the necessary information that you need to ensure that you are not spending ridiculous amounts in the wrong place. It is common knowledge that misallocation of money and resources can set any campaign back a step or two. After a few tests and several tweaks, you should be good to go with the grand entrance.

3. Failing to pay attention to ANALYTICS.

Brands make the simple mistake of not keeping an eye on their analytics, regular maintenance is so important if you want your campaign to succeed - today’s news is yesterday's history!

When evaluating your campaign performance be sure to check out certain correlations or sequences in the data because it will give you a better overview of the potential and performance of platforms or channels. For example, your social media campaign may not be doing as well as your mailing campaign however you are generating more leads through your mail campaign which cancels out the social media. But what is fuelling these leads? What demographics are you hitting with your mailing campaign that your social media is not? And a whole barrage of questions that can be better explained by your analytics! Pay attention to the numbers - all numbers form sequences - and learn which holes need filling because it is precisely those that will give you the results you are looking for.

4. Failing to acknowledge that not all hot new TRENDs are correct for your brand. 

This is your classic case of Icarus flying too close to the sun. Ok, it’s true that change happens too quickly in the marketing world and the lines between staying relevant and jumping on the bandwagon can be a little blurred sometimes. Singapore learned that the hard way with an anti-gambling ad released in 2014 to correlate with the World Cup.

At the time of production they did not know what the World Cup would result with, the only problem is, Germany won! Although hundreds of brands were taking advantage of the World Cup, perhaps this particular gambling company should have stayed away from mentioning certain potential winners - Germany have won it four times before after all so the chances of them winning again were likely!

So, don’t try to assimilate a new and trendy product, platform or theme into your marketing cauldron. Never ever follow the trend unless you have first hand experience or have done enough research on it that you know it

5. Failing to target the right AUDIENCE. 

New and experienced marketers will know that an audience is everything, without it you’re nothing but a few catchy words and a colorful logo on a screen that people will pay little mind to.

Research. Research. Research. Get to know your audience, what do they like? What kind of language rings clear with them? What are they seeking to have answered? What can you offer that they need? Or, what do they want that you can provide? Learn everything about them and then plan accordingly. Then they’ll be wondering how they had not discovered you sooner!

After many years in the promo video business, I realized everyone requested the same inside-the-box video: cheesy ukulele music and interviews cut with very specific b-roll. I was screaming “this isn’t shareable!” and helped steer people away from the “typical”.

I now help solopreneurs bring their visual brand to life, and create something they are proud of and LOVE! My mantra is to be an “Absolute original”, not a trend follower. Dare TO DO different to cut through the noise!


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