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It’s hard not to follow trends in fashion, décor, print or anything design related. We all want the modern look, and we want to be fashionable, right?

But here’s the thing, sometimes in order to get noticed we have to ‘peacock’ [Showing off or dressing nicely with the intent to impress and gain the attention, it comes from peacocks in nature who "shake their tail feathers" to attract mates.]

Think about when you’re walking down the street and you’re passing by a bunch of trendy fashionistas who are all looking good – on trend. But, then you see someone with a unique look, something that catches your eye! What happens? Your head turns! Yes, it might weird, but it also might be really appealing to the eye and you can’t stop looking!


So, point #1, when you’re building a brand, and you copy what’s “on trend” – you’re likely going to end up with a website that looks very templated. Your site may look nice and on trend, but it might fall in the vanilla category because Sara, Mary, Joe, Dan and Sandra all have similar looking websites with pastel colours, some gold fonts and a cursive writing logo. 

I know, I know! It’s hard not to look at your competition and mimic what they are doing! But when you do, you become another company competing for the same space.

Instead, I encourage all of you to look at your competitors and find a way you can differentiate yourself. Not only with design, but with the your verbiage on your website because that can be tempting to copy too!

Here's an exercise for you: Think about what your current clients love about you, and try to make your future clients FEEL the same way, and make them FEEL that you’re the better choice. 

We all hate being sold to, yet we use the same sales jargon in our website copy – humans hey? We can be funny. I know it’s easier said than done, but just remember to put yourself in your customers shoes, how can you write to them on a level that is authentic?

One of my clients is starting a business where she is helping Mom’s transition back to the work place. Take a peak at what I found after researching her competitors, maybe this will inspire you to dig deep and research what your competitors are saying. 


“After extensive research on competitors in your marketplace, I feel the missing pieces were: authenticity, copy too general, lack of ‘real talk’ and not addressing Moms on their level.

Most of the verbiage out there is in the ’self-help’ style, where the human connection with the coach is missing – it just feels they wrote the appropriate airy-fairy sales jargon.

  •  Increasing your self-worth
  • Learning how to authentically express your value
  • Embracing self-acceptance + being seen and heard

Most of your competitors are very focused on “Me, myself and my credentials”, rather than targeting emotions of their potential ‘Mom’ clients.

  • INSERT NAME has the expert level education and training to understand the fundamentals of human desires and motivations.
  • INSERT NAME brings a sense of groundedness to truth-discovering process, which is imperative to getting actual results.
  • INSERT NAME brings expert knowledge on how to hold the line for her clients.

I strongly advise we gear this towards Moms rather than being general with women. Yes, some women are not mothers that may have a gap in their career, but I feel the majority will be mothers. The more geared we can make it to a specific target, the more we can make the target feel as if we are talking to directly to them. 

I also researched multiple Mom’s groups and discovered how the 30-45-year-old Moms are talking to each other, what their fears/setbacks are and their excitements/desires are about going back to work.

Ultimate Goal for your website & brand: To provide Moms with the tools to re-enter the workforce with confidence, passion & purpose.

I hope this got you thinking about how you're going to approach your brand, and how you can position your service, and ultimately become the 'go-to' person, because you decided to peacock and are authentic! 

Good luck! 


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